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DJ Anil Kayahan at work



Anil Kayahan has a based Turkish Electronica House Dj & Producer from Ankara - TR. In July ’79, he was born in Ankara, Turkey. His foreign music interested has begun at the age of 8 years. He’s prepared for his first 90 hours Mixtape cassette in his Middle-School’s Graduation and Ceremony Party, In the years of ’93 with his friends. After that early year, he was scheduled and gonna play on his radio shows at Mesa. In the last quarter of The ’90s. He’s got interested in the DJing while Latino Dancing Music’s Storms was Covered to All around the World. Later of the Early of That years, He just has begun to listen to some of the World’s Most Famous and Best DJs tracks for like Tiesto, Darude and Satoshi Tomiie, etc. He discovered to begin for his first producer skills in the year of 2002. And he prepared to him's first Electronic Music track that was the name of Club Train for Miller Master Contest DJ in the year of 2003. In those years while peoples know him on his first exit of this song of Club Train. He decided to release this promo track for his lovers in the year 2004 as a single. He also got many special Event stages with the other DJs who may know on the underground structure under the sponsorship of Pioneer Pro DJ and met his fans.

2017 4th May Roger Sanchez Before Party


  • - Ofir Cohen - Be Elaih Roman (ANL-Project Mix)

He has got the best national remixer award with this track from Radio Mydonose - TR in 2009.

  • - Stage with DJ Roger Sanchez, Downtown Ankara

He were performed by Mr. Sanchez's stages at Ankara's Event in 2017.

  • - Kapalankaya Turkey Music Coordination

He has got to Music Responsibility of Turkey's Most Precious and the Best Travel locations that one in Kapalankaya at Summer Season of 2017.



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